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Proud to partner with

Beach Ball Spirits is proud to partner with 4Ocean and their mission to end the ocean plastic crisis.


For every bottle from our collection you buy, 4Ocean will remove 1 pound of plastic from the ocean. So cheers to cleaner taste and cleaner oceans. 

Join the Wave of Change with Beach Ball Spirits

Beach Ball Spirits is thrilled to join forces with 4Ocean, a pioneering force in the fight against the ocean plastic crisis. Since 2017, 4Ocean has made a monumental impact, removing 35,949,803 pounds of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

Every Sip Supports the Sea

As a brand committed to environmental sustainability, we are proud to support 4Ocean’s mission. With every bottle of Beach Ball Spirits purchased, 4Ocean will remove one pound of plastic from the ocean. This partnership allows you, our customer, to be a part of a meaningful solution: enjoying a premium, glitter-infused cocktail while contributing to cleaner oceans.

Celebrate with Purpose

We believe that every small action contributes to a larger change. By choosing Beach Ball Spirits, you not only enjoy a distinct and visually appealing spirit but also play an active role in preserving our planet’s beauty and health. Our commitment is to ensure that every celebration with our products also celebrates our ocean's well-being.

Cheers to making every sip count!

Raise Your Glass to Cleaner Oceans

Together, we can make a significant difference. Join us in supporting 4Ocean’s vital work through each bottle of Beach Ball Spirits you enjoy. Here’s to glitter, good times, great tastes, and a healthier ocean.

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